Virtual Reality and Risk

Your world is seriously about to change.  Maybe for the good and maybe, well….  At least we know that risk managers jobs won’t be going away anytime soon.  Risks abound here in reality, and virtual reality will be no different.  Don the headset and let’s see in 3D (or immersive virtual reality) what we are about to face.  Join us on The Risk Control show to hear more about VR Risk.


A big concern is hacking.  GPS spoofing is on the rise.  Deep fake has hit the mainstream and VR hacking is sure to be a thing.  If distractions weren’t bad enough, wait until hackers show a clear path across a busy street in the VR headset and send pedestrians right into oncoming traffic.


If you thought tech neck and cell phones was killing too many people in the crosswalks, wait until VR headsets go mainstream.  Mainstream means on bike rides, while walking thru the city, running, working out and every other place that humans roam.  And that means advertisers, gamers and other pop-ups will be taking the full attention of the user.  Can you say “trivial defects” will become anything but trivial?

Screen Time

Screen time is at an all-time high.  And that is causing all types of problems with vision, obesity, and other ergonomic issues.  Now put that screen 4 inches from the eyeballs, and you have a whole new set of worker’s compensation issues to be concerned about.

The Future

The future of reality is virtual, and it is here.   Get ready to take on these wild risks.  To see some cool VR in your 2d world, watch the videos below.




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