Warning: your losing money by not using emergency drills

October is fast approaching and it is time to start thinking about participating in the Great Shakeout here in California.    And that means one thing – more time, effort and planning, not to mention time off the educational day.  While all of this may be true, emergency drills are a great tool to teach students and staff how to take proactive steps to save their lives.  And better yet, you can write off all of your time and costs for participating in earthquake drills under California’s mandated costing program.

Each year, the State of California sends its K-12 schools a packet to complete for reimbursement under mandated costing.  One of the biggest line items left out of most school district’s reimbursement claim – disaster preparedness.   If you’re not tracking the time you spend preparing, running and participating in emergency drills then you are losing out on those reimbursement dollars.  So make sure to participate in emergency drills and to track your time – it really does pay dividends in more ways than you think.

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