What are some problem solving techniques to help reduce losses?

When it comes to Risk Management, Safety, Loss Control etc.  The following problem solving techniques can be used to solve many problems faced in your daily schedule.

  1. Prioritization Matrix: Arranging problems and solutions in a matrix by their priority.
  2. Managerial estimates: Projections made by management. Simply listen to the experts that deal with the issues/problems on a daily basis.  They know the issues first hand.
  3. Delphi technique: This is information gained from experts in industry, but is not done in a group setting nor a group email.  Keep each experts response separate and then compile the answer and look for the one that all experts mention.
  4. Nominal group technique:  Use a variety of individuals in industry and compile all their answers. Look for a common thread.  This can be done as a group or individually.
  5. Statistical forecasts: Use the power of numbers to pinpoint the problem.

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