What can art do for safety?

Several months ago I ran across “Never Wet” in Home Depot – an amazing spray-on coating that repels water like no other.  When I saw Never Wet, I immediately thought about its use in preventing mold, but a guy in Seattle saw something different – artwork or more righteously – “Rainworks – Art that appears when it rains.” And that inspired me to do a little creative thinking. So what does art have to do with safety – a lot if we apply it to slip and falls.

what can art do for safety

Rainworks creator makes his art to make the world a more interesting place. He inspires and brightens peoples day with his art, but only when it rains which is when we need a pick-me-up most. So what if we applied that concept to slip and falls. What if we could deliver messages in real time? What if we could tell people to be careful when it was wet out or alert them to coffee spill. We need these messages most when it rains. Now we can with Never Wet. Below are some images of Rainworks and a short video. Just imagine if you tailored the art to include safety messages. Here’s some examples:

Wipe your feet
Walk don’t run unless there’s sun
rain rain go away I need to be safe today

what can art do for safety what can art do for safety what can art do for safety


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