What’s in a name? Nothing. Unless it’s an emergency says the Governor of California.

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That’s right, California’s Emergency Management Agency (Cal – EMA) was once the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services (Cal-OES), but they didn’t care too much for that name some 6 years ago.  So, they changed it to Cal-EMA.  Now, the newest Governor want’s to prove that there is more to a name than the function (and that he was right the first time) they provide.  On July 1st, 2013, Cal-EMA went back to Cal-OES.  What kind of changes this will bring is unknown at this time, but what we do know is that taxpayers money is being wasted.

Changing names is typically left for the corporate giants who have lot’s of profits to spend.  New letterhead, business cards, publications, website changes, and much more have to be updated with the new Cal-OES name and that costs thousands upon thousands of dollars.  In a time when California is struggling to find dollars and keep their programs afloat, it seems that using money to actually perform emergency services would be a smart investment – like giving grants to schools to update their plans and run drills.  Instead, let’s get to the printing press – we have logo’s to change.

One thought on “What’s in a name? Nothing. Unless it’s an emergency says the Governor of California.

  1. Steve, Thanks for brining up the “state” of Cal OES.

    Since the March 2011 Tsunami a Governor’s proclamation of a state of emergency has not included any state contribution to local government emergency or disaster related costs. 6 fires obtained federal funds for fire fighting costs only, Two counties obtained emergency proclamations so they could access federal highway administration emergency relief funds. In these 8 events no California Disaster Assistance Act funds for local government costs have been made available. One storm event request for federal assistance was unsuccessful. Another storm event declared in numerous jurisdictions to be local emergencies under the California Emergency Services Act resulted in no gubernatorial request for federal assistance.

    Disaster assistance realignment, under any name, is terrible news for California local governments.

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