Why “Paint it Black” is a terrible idea but still a great song

Black, black, I want to paint it black seems to be a theme in many a roadway management programs.  In a lot of respects, it makes sense.  Simple, fast, and economically feasible.   However, this quick fix leaves vehicle operators confused.

Confused you say?  Yes, confused.  While black paint should and does cover up yellow and white lines on the pavement, once dried it creates a layer on the pavement.  That layer reacts to light and water, reflecting its sheen.  During evening hours and periods of rain and mist, these black lines illuminate causing confusion as to which line (yellow, white or black) is the correct one to follow.  The yellow and white lines sometimes do not illuminate/reflect with the same luminance as the black lines.  This can cause vehicle operators to drive over lines, encroach on other operators lines, or veer off the roadway.

Before taking the easy maintenance option, consider the effects of using black paint and the confusion it may cause for vehicle operators.

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