Why transparency should be cloudy when it comes to emergency plans.

For years I have discussed the need to keep certain information close to the vest when it comes to emergency plans and especially in regard to the CSSP.  Now that schools and cities are relying more and more on  electronic communication devices, IoT and other high tech systems, the need to protect emergency operations from hackers is all that more important.  And the need to monitor your high tech is more important that ever.

Full or Cloudy Transparency

There are major discussions revolving around the issue of how much of an emergency plan should be divulged to the public.   And while we believe in transparency and the freedom of information to be disseminated to the public, we also believe that a modicum of privacy is well deserved when it comes to emergency planning.  Let’s face it, in this day and age, threats to public safety and government systems is at an all time high.  And when you look at the 2014 White House Security Breach, it is easy to see that even places which should have the highest and most sophisticated security systems and emergency plans in the world are easy to defeat.   https://www.cnn.com/2014/10/02/politics/white-house-security-breach-fallout/index.html

Placing your plans in full view of a threat to study, plan and determine holes is not an idea situation.  Keeping those plans close to the vest and protected by the parties in the plan is what should be the focus.

What really matters

Whether you use high tech or low tech, the real issue is that you need to test your systems repeatedly and follow thru on repairs and implementation of the systems.   Enforcement of the use and protocols, unlike the White House Story, should be top priority.

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