Why you need to shave your chest if you are over 40.

Let’s face it, if you are 40 or older you already know that you are not getting any younger and neither is your heart. The likelihood of suffering cardiac arrest will increase as you age. With the increase in technology and decreasing prices, AED’s are being installed in more and more places and it is likely that you will encounter one of these devices if you are the unfortunate victim of cardiac arrest. That being said, the key to survival is a properly working AED and good skin contact.

Hairy chests prevent the second component to your chance of survival. If you have a lot of hair, it is going to need to be shaved before the AED electrodes can be placed on your chest. If you have ever tried to shave long hairs, you know that a single-blade razor (like the ones included in an AED kit) is going to clog on the first run and will be difficult to clear. When minutes and seconds matter most, a nervous first responder (especially one that never worked in a barber shop) is not your friend. So, shave your chest and increase your chances of survival.

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