Why you really should create your own policies

Life is easier than ever before.  Perfect coffee grinders, instant packets of every type of food and beverage, air conditioning and free stuff on the internet.  But just like puppies, free comes with a whole lot of work, hidden costs and maintenance.  While it is appealing to look smart and be quick at your job, nothing spells long term career success like good, old-fashioned, hard work.

Hard work is not something most people want to do and it doesn’t matter what industry you are in.  However, when it comes to the safety and risk management industry, it appears that there is a tendency to opt for the easier road. Something that doesn’t always end with you at the correct destination.

When it comes to safety and risk management policies, it appears that there is one prodigious writer that just can’t keep from getting fired, because the same policies keep popping up everywhere.  And that spells one thing – trouble.

The trouble is that the when you copy and paste your policies you get just that – a copy.  It’s like a cheap suit versus a custom tailored suit just for you.  Sure you have a suit and sure you look okay, but your legs are longer and your arms are shorter than everyone elses.  That’s a bad combo for an off-rack-suit.  And that is a super bad combo for your safety policies.  When your organization has long legs and short arms your policies need to reflect those variances.  And that is why you need to create, write and customize your safety policies.


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