Will “Ban-the-Box” allow criminals to work in schools and daycares or just cost a whole lot of money?


“Ban-the-Box” is a movement that asks employers to remove the “box” asking applicants about their criminal history.  In fact, it is more than a movement, it is law in some states such as New Jersey, Illinois and even the District of Columbia.  The City of San Francisco has joined the movement also and prohibits all employers from asking about criminal history until after a live interview has been conducted.  Which is exactly where I have to draw the line.

While I agree that everyone deserves a second chance and should not be shun from society, but schools and City run day care facilities are prohibited by law of allowing felons to work with children in those settings.  Requiring them to “Ban-the-Box” and take an interview not only subjects them to asking felons to come on site, it also wastes tax payers dollars and time.  The worst part is that this “ban-the-box” law raises the hopes of people who, unfortunately, will not be able to work in certain industries regardless of when the question is asked.

If you are subject to one of these “ban-the-box” regulations, then it is time to review your applications and hiring processes to ensure that your organization is in compliance.  It may also be a good time to review your “first live interview” to ensure that you minimize the amount of potential time wasted.

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