Will DTS change the face of bullying tip lines?

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For more than a decade now, WeTip.com has sat alone in the world of Anonymous tip lines.  Sure there are plenty of crime reporting hotlines that claim to be anonymous, but most are simply confidential.  And there’s a big difference between confidential and anonymous.

Remember confidential means that someone knows who you are as is opting not to disclose your identity.  Anonymous, on the other hand, means that they never know who you are and therefore cannot disclose your identity.

DTS has launched their new bully reporting system.  The best part is that it is backed by the professionals at DTS and I can’t imagine a better group of people to run such a program.  Another major factor is that it provides school districts a solid option to the WeTip program, which can only help improve both systems.  Learn more about DTS’s bully reporting system at  http://www.doc-tracking.com/no-bully.asp