Wilmes launches the most powerful and innovative ergonomic self-evaluation ever. Period.

Wilmes launches the most powerful and innovative ergonomic self-evaluation ever. Period.

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Today, we launched the most powerful and innovate self-evaluation ergonomic program the safety and risk management industry has seen.  ErgoSelfie.com puts the power of the pros in everyone’s hands.  “We made the program simple, real simple – just point and click.  If you aren’t doing something properly, ergonomically speaking, then Ergo Annie pop’s up on the screen and shows you how to adjust it, whether it’s a chair, keyboard, or monitor.  It doesn’t matter, ErgoSelfie covers it all.” says Steve Wilmes,  CEO.

We needed a real solution that worked for everyone, from schools to cities, to private entities.  Something that was cost effective and really did work.  After  talking with many of our clients we found that employees were being forced to wait for a professional to visit them and make simple recommendations to correct ergonomic problems.   Some employees even had to go to the doctor just to find out all they needed was an adjustment to their keyboard.  “That’s a waste of organization funding of the worst kind.” says Steve Wilmes.

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We came up with the idea to rework the process.

Typically, the process starts with the employee requesting an evaluation, then a professional evaluates them, then a report is generated and people may or may not get the equipment or adjustments they need.  Lot’s of time and money are wasted.  With ErgoSelfie, an employee can self-evaluate and if they still have a problem a professional can come onsite and evaluate the employee.  This puts resources on the tough fixes, the employees who really need help with complex issues, not the simple chair height adjustment.  So, how does it work?

Old Way

  • Request Eval – Professional Evaluates – Report Generated – May or May Not Fix

ErgoSelfie Way

  • Employee Self Evaluates – Employee Fixes Ergonomic Issues – Call Pro for Complex Issues Only

What is an Ergo Selfie?

An Ergo  Selfie is a self evaluation of your workstation’s ergonomic setup.  Typically, a company will hire an outside professional to come to your workstation and evaluate you.  This can cost thousands of dollars and take weeks or months of waiting to be evaluated.  Most ergonomic issues can be fixed with simple do-it-yourself adjustments.  It’s just a matter of knowing what to look for and how to make the adjustment.  ErgoSelfie.com puts that power at your fingertips.  And ErgoSelfie does it right now, not weeks later.

How We Ask Questions

We took the pain out of answering questions.  We use simple pictures.  We placed green tape on our instructor to show the proper angles of the body.  When she was in the wrong position we circled the “pain” areas in red.  All you have to do is pick the images that most looks like you.

Picture A - no space between leg and seat pan
Picture A – no space between leg and seat pan

 How We Answer Questions

After you answer each question, we will provided you with feedback.  If you are not properly positioned, then our instructor will walk you through the proper adjust that needs to be made.  For example, if you keyboard is not properly tilted, Jane will show you how.  Go ahead, try it!  Click the video below.

What We Cover in the Evaluation

The Ergonomic Selfie Evaluation covers 21 checkpoints that are common to every workstation setup, whether you are working at home or in the office.  We evaluate your chair, chair surfacing, keyboard, monitor, mouse, laptop and carrying bag.  Everything you need to adjust your workstation and do awesome work.

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