Wilmes, LLC develops new safety and risk management training format

Wilmes, LLC Risk Control Services develops new safety and risk management training format

Wilmes, LLC Risk Control Services has developed a new training format known as “Rapid InService Courses®” (RISC®) for safety and risk management training that will change the way public agencies deliver training.

This week Wilmes, LLC launched a new style of online training that has not only flipped the classroom, but turned it upside down. The training is built for speed and focuses on each individual’s learning needs.

“Gone are the days of sitting through two hours of training just because a year has gone by.  Employees aren’t stupid, but that’s the way OSHA and other government agencies treat them.  People we work with have gone through the same training for years and years.” says CEO, Steve Wilmes when asked about their training’s speed of delivery.  RISC can deliver training in 1/4 the time of traditional training.  RISC also does something that no other online training system does – it guarantees that every individual will get 100% on the exam.  “We wanted a system that truly focused on protecting workers and saving lives.  Traditional training let’s you walk out the door with a 70%  passing score.  The problem with that are the details in the 30%  – that’s what gets you injured on the job, the stuff you didn’t learn.  So, we designed our courses to deliver only the content that you don’t know.” says Steve Wilmes.

RISC is designed to help organizations train their staff, stay in compliance and stay within training budgets.  To learn more about RISC, visit http://wilmes.co/rapid-inservice-courses/

For more information or to contact Wilmes, LLC, visit their website at http://www.wilmes.co or email info(at)wilmes(dot)co.

Hope you enjoyed this article.  If you need more personalized assistance, you can work directly with us.  Reach out here. http://wilmes.co/contact-wilmes-risk-control/

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