Woman helps stranger with cut hand during BBP class and contracts HIV

Just when I think I have seen it all, someone tests the limits of human intellgence.  Recently, I was teaching a BloodBorne Pathogens class to a group of highly intelligent people.  People that had been through the BBP course several years in a row (not delivered by Wilmes, LLC of course).

This was my first time teaching this class.  And when I teach courses I like to make them fun, exciting and the best learning experience they have ever gotten.  On this particular day, they got quite the experience.  Sometimes, I will have my driver, Rajiv, help me in a class.  He is a great actor and plays a variety of roles to a T.  Since I was teaching BBP, I had Rajiv sit in the back and on cue, cut his hand (fake of course) and do a mild painful yell and then ask someone to help.  Here’s the kicker.  Before Rajiv could even ask for help, one of the women in the class jumped up, cupped her hands and ran to Rajiv to help him.  The reason she cupped her hands was to catch his blood and keep it from going on the carpet.  After which, she held his bloody hand and then proceeded to clean him up barehanded.

Now she didn’t really contract HIV, but that was the scenario we portrayed with Rajiv in this exercise.  Needless to say, she didn’t live down the incident the entire class.  When you see something like this, all you can say to your client is “There’s a reason why your risk management and safety program are failing.”

What can you do

First and foremost, do more of these “setup demonstration exercises” in a safe environment.   This is where real learning can take place.  These type of scenarios make create deep emotional experiences for the entire class.

Second, do a lot more training.  Up your frequency by 2 or 3 until you are 100% certain the lessons are learned.



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